Chinese Translation Application

During Hack@Brown 2018, I worked with three other students to design and develop a React.js app that took in Chinese text and output the corresponding pinyin (a writing system that denotes the pronunciation of Chinese characters) as well as English translations of user-selected text. The application was built entirely out of open source technologies, works offline, and works across any platform that supports web browsing.

The purpose of this project was to assist English-speaking students in learning to read (simplified) Chinese. Every member of our hackathon project group enjoyed reading translated Chinese web novels in our free time, so we decided to build a tool to help us read the “raws” (i.e. the source material written in the original language).

My primary role on the team was the React.js developer, and I lead the technical development of our app.

You can view the source code of this project, Biang Biang, at

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Raymond Cao
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